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360° Go Pro Services

Rockstar 360GoPro is a 360° video virtual reality filming service. We provide 360° video solutions. We can film, produce and finish your video production ready for delivery on social media platforms, or other distribution.

What is 360° Go Pro?

The 360°camera is basically a box that uses an array anywhere between 4 and 12 cameras to capture a 360° view around the camera. You can see it in action in these example videos:

  • Real estate and property companies
  • Travel companies
  • Hotels
  • Sports promoters
  • Anybody who is looking for a strictly upscale video

It produces a film that is in a class by itself. Depending which device is used, using just a finger, a cursor or a mouse, it’s possible to look left or look right and control the view. Look behind, look beside you or ahead. Discover a hotel. Explore a piece of real estate property. Or fasten your seatbelt and experience the wonder of leaping from a plane. Share the visuals of a thrilling sporting experience or activity. What can be captured by the 360 camera is endless.

How is a 360° Go Pro Virtual Reality Film created?

You can see above, below and all around, but how does this work?

When the 360° Go Pro camera is activated, the array of 4 to 12 cameras film all around the camera. The films are then stitched seamlessly together using a special software to produce a compelling and professional high quality virtual reality film.

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